Journaling to Nourish Your Soul

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are an invitation to explore the stories of your soul through journaling. These sessions:

  • Remind you of who you are & what you desire

  • Connect you to your Higher Self

  • Call you to witness your own growth and evolution

  • Empower you to claim the byline of the story you're meant to tell in this lifetime

I bring you on this journaling journey through my own stories and reflections, as well as through other spiritual tools such as Astrology and Tarot.

What You'll Find Here

Yourself and your soul! Well, that and . . .

The Soul Journaling Sessions Podcast

Connect with yourself and your soul through journaling

The Soul Journaling Sessions Podcast is an open invitation to engage in self-inquiry and journaling with me. I share with you what I've been reflecting on lately through my own journal entry that dives into a story—or stories—from my own life (similar to a personal essay). I then offer 3-4 journal prompts based on my entry to help you go deeper into its themes. Journal along with me and my voice during each podcast episode.

Journal Prompts inspired by the moon cycles, Astrological seasons, Tarot cards, and more

Whenever I feel inspired, I will also share with you journal prompts that relate to the themes within the current moon cycle and Astrological seasons. I may occasionally even share prompts tied to Oracle & Tarot readings for the collective. (I am currently completing my Oracle Card Reader Certification, and Oracle and Tarot cards are a big part of my personal self-inquiry and self-study practice.)

An archive with hundreds of journal prompts for you to try

The website includes all the past issues of this newsletter from before it found its home on Substack. There's more than 200 journal prompts for you to explore from the past two years that I've been creating this newsletter.

Why Journaling?

I believe that a regular journaling practice is nourishment for the soul. It helps you connect to yourself on a deeper level, in a way that can only be achieved through a regular self-study or self-connection practice. Journaling is an opportunity to tend to your soul, to connect 1:1 with it for a private mentoring session, whenever you want or need that connection—and this is where the real guidance and answers to our greatest questions exist. This is where real transformation begins.

Let’s Build a Community Together

While journaling is a solo activity, my hope from the Soul Journaling Sessions (and this is why I came here to Substack) is to build a community of journalers, because I believe:

Our souls carry stories.

The practice of journaling nourishes our souls and makes spaces for us to discover, explore and process our soul’s stories.

Our stories are a catalyst for deeper, sustained connection with other souls (each other).

By openly sharing my stories and journal entries, my hope is that you see a part of yourself in my stories, that a thread or a nugget from them resonates with you. My stories:

  • Might make you think.

  • Might allow you to see your own experiences in a new light.

  • Might help you recall lost stories within yourself that need healing or rewriting.

  • Might make you feel less alone.

And this is why I write. This is why I am here.

And coming soon . . . I will be inviting other members of the community to share their own journal entries and journal prompts. I would love for your stories to be a part of this project.

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I look forward to you joining me for this journey!

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Marcy Farrey

Storytelling is my magic! I am a spiritual writer and mindful content creator devoted to helping others discover and share their stories. I create space for stories to arise through various self-study practices, primarily journaling.